A design-build contractor, Reverse Osmosis Water Pvt Ltd can develop a wastewater treatment system customized to meet your environmental discharge regulations, water re-use goals, and budget constraints.
Wastewater treatment plants produce wastes that contain many potential contaminants. Reclaimed wastewater is usually clean enough to be used for irrigation, but usually contains higher (~1.5 times) concentrations of dissolved solids than the source water. Also, chlorine-disinfected reclaimed water can contain significant trace amounts of disinfection by-products such as trihalomethanes.

Treatment Principles and Types

  • Designed for treating both black water and grey water
  • Wastewater is broken down biochemically by the catabolism of microorganisms such as bacteria and metazoan organism


Legislative Systems

  • Background of legislation
    • Water pollution and degradation of the living environment caused by improper construction and maintenance
  • Objective
    • To promote the appropriate treatment of domestic wastewater, to maintain the good water quality of public water bodies and a healthy living environment, and to improve public health •
  • Main contents
    • Notification of installation
    • on construction, installation, operation and maintenance, desludging and examination
    • Qualification and licensing of technician and operators



  • Sanitary Evaluations and Feasibility Studies
  • Septic Systems and Innovative Private Treatment Systems
  • Engineering Reports
  • Sewage Pumping Station and Force Main Design
  • Sewage Treatment Plant Design
  • Engineer of Record Services
  • O&M Manuals
  • Water and Fire Service Main Systems
  • Water Supply Systems