Free standing RO Water Cooler For Office Use

World renowned ultra – filtering technology called Reverse Osmosis and additional UV Filter. This machine features ultramodern technologies efficiently apart from impurities, organic, chemical, heavy metal , bacteria etc. to produce nearly 100 % pure water. This system does not use chemical to purification and continuously operating on automatic Manner to produce hot and cold water supply.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Replacement period. Depend on water quality & hardness
  2. Warranty period 1 Year
  3. Service – This will be conduction by company service team or our regional agent.


  1. Volt Ac 220v-Dc 24 v
  2. Daily production chilling and heating capacity up to 5.5 liter per hour
  3. Temperature 5-45 C
  4. Dimension D33X W40XH105cm
  5. Main rejection 92.99%
  6. Treatment Stages 5 Stage filtration including RO(Reverse Osmosis), UV(Ultra Violet)
  7. Optional Auto flush
  8. Made in Taiwan